Cold Press Media

Build your brand through our business-to-business media platforms

In today’s ever evolving marketing landscape successful businesses realise they need to create customer touch points across various channels to maintain brand awareness and reach their ever-changing target market. Cold Press Media has engineered a business model that assists our clients in building their brand through the benefits of our diverse range of business-to-business media platforms.

Cold Press Media is a dynamic and fast-paced media company with a heritage in traditional publishing. Leveraging our thorough understanding of sales and marketing, we have fine-tuned media solutions that deliver focussed, cost-effective and highly measurable results, ensuring that our clients achieve optimal performance from of their marketing activities and budgets.

Cold Press Media provides tailored marketing solutions that extend any company’s brand, product and service offering to various niche markets, as well as add value to the relationship with their existing customers. Spear-headed by our young and dynamic sales team and supported by an experienced marketing and senior management structure, Cold Press Media has built its reputation on a solid set of values and principles that has brought us many blue chip clients and brands since our inception.