Longevity Guru Guide

Longevity Guru Guide

The definitive directory of alternative healthcare professionals

The definitive South African guide to all things wellness, The GURU GUIDE an amazing showcase of health, wellness and everything in-between. The Longevity GURU GUIDE was designed with a vision of becoming the definitive directory of Health and Wellness in South Africa, not only providing readers of Longevity with a valuable directory of alternative wellness practitioners, medical practitioners and healthcare professionals nationally, but also giving these ‘gurus’ in their respective fields a platform to showcase their expertise and services.


  • An annual health and wellness directory
  • Distributed to the readers of Longevity
  • Reaching 30 000 readers nationally
  • Exposure to the high-net worth audience
  • Various branding and sponsorship packages available
Designed with the reader of Longevity in mind, this guide will give the Longevity reader an incredible network of individuals and organisations that focus on body, mind and soul. The Longevity GURU GUIDE is an annual publication that provides the alternative healthcare fraternity, the healthcare practitioner and related organisations, with an exceptional vehicle with which to expose their services, unique area of specialisation and offerings to the discerning, high-net worth readers of Longevity magazine in a closed and trusted environment. Not only are the readers of Longevity predisposed to health and wellness but our research has shown that they regularly invest in their own well-being.

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Why it makes sense to be part of this new alternative guide

Longevity magazine has built its reputation with a loyal following of health conscious and open-minded individuals in the upper income brackets.

  • Longevity reaches almost 30 000 readers nationally with the highest concentration being in Gauteng
  • The Longevity Guru Guide was created specifically to add value to the Longevity reader’s unique lifestyles by identifying a need and sourcing appropriate services and specialists they may use or consult.
  • The guide has a year-long lifespan, offering a quality marketing opportunity for your services and products that are maximised through the unique format and shelf-life of the guide.
  • The advertising rate includes the design of your advert or listing and means you only need to supply content, pictures and your logo.

The guide will be regionally segmented so that you can show your local or national footprint.

Guru Guide Advertising Options & Rates

  • Half Page
  • Full Page
  • Double Page Spread (DPS)
  • R 7 000
  • R 14 000
  • R 26 000

Please note: Rates exclude VAT and Agency Commission

Speak to one of our sales consultants about our latest rates, offers and payment options.

The Guru Guide Website

In addition to the exposure in the annual Longevity Guru Guide directory, a permanent micro site will be linked to the Longevity South Africa website. This micro site is advertised via prominent banners on the Longevity website and Cold Press Media’s partners. Furthermore, a search engine optimisation feature has been added to the website to maximise traffic to the Longevity Guru Guide.

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