OPSA Source Books for office professionals

In the world of business, a personal assistant assumes the role of an executive’s chief-of-staff. Today’s PA is the gate-keeper to a busy and inaccessible senior executive, ensuring that only the relevant and necessary communication gets to the boss. Many of the everyday tasks necessary for an effective workday fall on the personal assistant, from scheduling meetings to arranging transportation to making decisions about office functions, décor and even leisure activities.

Cold Press Media, in collaboration with OPSA (the Association for Office Professionals of South Africa) have compiled a series of useful and user-friendly source books to make the life of any PA and their decision-maker simpler, easier and less stressful. Designed to expose relevant and suitable resources to the busy PA and her Executive, the source books are a directory of all things related to the office and its immediate environment.

OPSA Source Book Reader Profile

The OPSA Source Books are distributed to 20 000 members of OPSA which include administrative assistants, administration managers, executive assistants, executive officers, clerical assistants, office managers, personal assistants, receptionists, secretaries and typists – in fact all office professionals.


  • Specially themed business directories distributed annually
  • Focussing on key PA and office administrator functions
  • Reaching 20 000 office professionals
  • Niched and targeted exposure to the right audience
  • Various branding and sponsorship packages available
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Client relationships are as important and relevant as they were 10 years ago but with corporate governance and compliance one has to be conscious how one approached corporate gifting. Known as ‘Get That GIFT’, this Source Book makes it possible to find promotional clothing companies, specialist gifting companies, executive shoppers, incentive companies, florists, wine merchants and many other exclusive gifts for important customers and clients that know what to expect and how deal with it.

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Office managers and PA’s are expected to arrange company conferences, indabas and bosberaads. Eventing and conferencing has become a complex and challenging project in most companies lives and the The Event Source Book called ‘In Any Event’ ensures that they receive all the information they require. Featuring venues, a directory of PCO’s (professional conference organisers), catering companies, team building companies and a lot more – this is the definitive eventing and conference source book.

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A PA’s life is busy and they do not have time to run around sourcing IT, legal or accounting services. Let alone office furniture, corporate uniform companies, interior designers or whatever else she is tasked with by the management. Called ‘For Your Business’, this source book is ‘jack-of-all-trades and becomes the PA’s ‘go-to’ book because it is specially designed to have all the office information they may need and more.

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With OPSA Source Books also comes the opportunity to get exposure in the exciting and useful ‘Business Travel in Africa’ Digizine.

As Africa is fast becoming the gateway to new business opportunities and has been earmarked as a growing market by many multinational companies. Travelling into Africa can be a daunting tasks and it is therefore essential to know who to trust and how to get there safely and comfortably. Speaking directly to 20 000 members of OPSA (Office Professionals of South Africa), the African Business Travel Association and Regional Tourism Organisation of Southern Africa, The Business Travel in Africa digizine offers solutions and resources for procuring top notch accommodation, dining, entertainment options and travel services throughout Africa. Business Travel in Africa offers a one-stop information portal with up-to-date content and information uniquely customised to keep your service offering top of mind. This is a unique business opportunity to stay on the forefront of the business travel market and provides you with exposure to decision makers and influencers within companies.

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OPSA Digital Magazine & Digital e-Newsletters

As a media partner of CPM’s, OPSA also actively promotes the OPSA Source Books through their own weekly digital newsletters and frequently remind their members to make use of the Source Books where possible. The digital magazine Source Book gets distributed to all OPSA members on a monthly basis adding even more value for any company or service provider looking to grow their client base.

OPSA Source Book Website Profile

In addition to the Source Book digizine, clients will receive a search engine optimised web profile on http://www.opsasourcebooks.co.za/– so that potential customers can find you through word or phrase searches.

Online Marketing on OPSA Website

OPSA digital sourcebooks has a permanent OPSA Source Books micro-site linked to the OPSA website. This micro-site is advertised via prominent banners on the OPSA website. This means that not only will any merchant coming into any of the digital guides get into the hands of the correct decision makers; they will also get on-going exposure through a real-time digital platform. The website has also been search engine optimised to maximise traffic to the pages.

Digizine Rates

  • Single Page
  • Double Page Spread (DPS)
  • R 9 500
  • R 19 000

Please note: Rates exclude VAT and Agency Commission

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Digizine Distribution

The Business Travel In Africa digital publication is distributed quarterly reaching up to 40 000 professionals who are actively involved in business travel and procurement of travel and related services within Africa and the surrounds:

  • 20 000 – OPSA members including those in SADC countries
  • 3 000 – ABTA members including: Travel Management Consultants (TMC’s) and travel procurement divisions in South Africa, Namibia, Nigeria, Ghana, Angola
  • 7 000 – members of RETOSA
  • World Association of Travel Agents
  • UK Travel Agents
  • Irish Travel Agents
  • Swedish, Norwegian & Danish Association of Travel Agents
  • American Travel Agents (American Society of Travel Agents)
  • South African Travel Agents


OPSA Source Book Website Profile

In addition to the Business Travel In Africa digizine, clients will receive a search engine optimised web profile on www.opsasourcebooks.co.za – so potential customers could find you through word or phrase searches.

ABTA, RETOSA and OPSA also actively promote the Business Travel In Africa digizine through all their events and to their members as they understand what value this digital touch point offers their members.


Monthly e-Newsletter & Digizine

In addition to the Business Travel In Africa digital publication, you will be given the opportunity to promote your company or offers in our monthly e-newsletter is distributed to OPSA members, packed with special offers, competitions, news and a link to the Business Travel In Africa digizine (digital magazine).

Updating your special offers and company information is simple and convenient and can be done each month before distribution of the e-newsletter and digizine.

Business Travel in Africa Digizine Packages

A unique opportunity to be strategically partnered with OPSA.

  • Single Page
  • Double Page
  • R 9 500 (annual fee)
  • R 19 000 (annual fee)

Please note: Rates exclude VAT and Agency Commission

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